A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Take command of a faction of brave young people as they explore Din, a bizarre alien dimension, seeking alien technology to change a dying Earth. Your people, having secretly left the planet, established a hidden base in this alternate dimension.  Now, utilizing a time-traveling ship gifted by a mysterious progenitor race, they set forth to explore the alien dimension.

This prototype is the third mission of the full campaign to be.  The other missions, and hub level, will be released in a future campaign prototype.  Please help me make the game the best it can be by filling out the Feedback Form after playing.

Install instructions

For Windows, please extract the entire zip archive.  After extracting the files, double click on the .exe file to launch the game.  If your system prompts you that the file is from an unconfirmed publisher, select more info and then the run the file anyway option.


Permutations Windows Prototype.zip 110 MB
Permutations Mac Prototype.zip 114 MB
Permutations Linux Prototype.zip 116 MB

Development log


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it needs a learning system

the game just throws you into combat with no clues on what to do and leaves you basically aggitated and reluctent to play with nothing being told to you before the first encounter.

A fair point!  There was actually a tutorial mission prior to this one in a previous build but I cut it for this build for the sake of brevity and that it didn't meet the quality standard of this mission.  Hints can be gotten at each part of the encounter by opening the comms menu and seeing what your compatriots on the ship are talking about.

Thank you for trying the game!